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Nobody likes dealing with the legal system and lawyers, so this site has been designed to guide you through some of the the initial “what-do-I-do?” moments if you or a family member has been hurt by a defective gun or defective ammunition.   

Since the 1970’s, the gun lawyers at Goff and Goff have investigated or handled hundreds of defective firearms cases, representing the victims of gun and ammunition manufacturers who have acted irresponsibly and poorly designed their products. We have worked on a referral basis (pro hac vice) in nearly every state in the country and can usually do so with the sponsorship of a locally licensed attorney, depending on the rules of the applicable jurisdiction.   Hopefully, we can help you obtain justice and make sure that the incident does not happen to another.  We’d love the opportunity to help you.  

We only want to represent legitimate clients  -- we don’t like, nor do we handle frivolous lawsuits.  Moreover, we are not “anti-gun.”  Far from it.  We feel that the more irresponsibly the gun manufacturers act in producing unsafe guns, the more “ammo” those who wish to take our guns away will have and the more money the anti-gun lobby will have to spend to further the erosion of our Second Amendment rights.

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**The information on this site should not be considered legal advice.  Each state's laws are different. Goff and Goff only has attorneys that are only licensed in Louisiana, Texas, Iowa, and Nebraska and will only give legal advice regarding those states unless authorized by the local jurisdiction on a case-by-case basis (pro hac vice). There are numerous exceptions to every rule, and the application of each rule is governed by the particular circumstances of any given fact pattern and the law of the jurisdiction in which the incident occurred.  

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